For our guests we offer the highest quality services, for a reasonable price! Every detail on site was well thought-out to give the best experience for the visitor and to give the topmost convenience for everyday activities. During your stay you’ll feel right at home, and you won’t have to spend a cent more than what you paid for!
    1. The camping admits and services guests from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days per week. Those who want to come and leave during non-working hours must inform beforehand in order exceptions could be made.
    2. Arrival to the camping territory is from 1 p.m.
    3. Departure from the camping territory of those guests who have come with motor homes and tents is by noon.
    4. Those who have arrived with tents and motor homes pay the fee for accommodation in advance.
    5. If you have decided to prolong your stay at the camping, please inform about it the reception workers by noon, prolong the time indicated on the registration slip and pay.
    6. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. up to 8 a.m. During this time only not causing noise activity is allowed. It is prohibited to listen to loud music, make noise, drive in the territory by motor vehicles.
    7. Children under 16 years old are admitted into the camping only with the adults.
    8. Parents and other tutelary people are responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour.
    9. Look after of your children in the showers, playground; do not leave children unattended in the camping territory.
    10. Common use toilets and showers are being tidied from 12 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.
    11. Public consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the camping territory.
    12. Juvenile consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    13. Vehicles are parked in the camping territory in the places indicated by a camping worker.
    14. In the camping a place for a motor home, a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, and a tent is provided.
    15. Regulation speed in the camping territory does not exceed 10 km/h.
    16. People visiting the camping guests must observe “Pajūrio Kempingas” rules.
    17. Pets must not menace the people living at the camping, their peace, health and life. Pets in the camping territory must be kept muzzled and leashed.
    18. Do not leave your pets alone unattended in the camping territory.
    19. Pet owners must collect excrements of their pets and throw them out into the dumpsters. Bags for pets’ excrements can be obtained in the reception.
    20. Do not burn fires, do not wash cars and protect flora in the camping territory.
    21. If agreed with the management it is permitted to use grills in the camping territory.
    22. Outdoor furniture is designed for common use.
    23. Cigarette-ends are to be thrown out only in the metal outdoor litterbins present in the camping territory.
    24. The management of the camping is not responsible for lost things, therefore suggests keeping valuables and money in the safes of the camping reception.
    25. Should you notice any suspicious people please inform the camping workers about them.
    26. When departing please leave your place orderly: dump litter into litterbins, firebrands from grills into dumpsters intended for this purpose.

27.Visitors who will violate these rules will be asked to leave the territory of camping immediately.

Parents or other tutelar adults are fully responsible for the seafety and behavior of children.

Guests who are visiting residents of the camping must obey the rules of camping.

Visitors must leave the cabins ordered- in case of a disappearance or damage of inventory adequate sum concerted with administration of camping must be paid.


The statute of the Lithuanian Republic Administrative law, article No.183

“The disturbance of public quiet”

Shouting, whistling, loud singing or music playing by various music instruments or other sound devices, and other similar actions in streets, squares, beaches, in public transport or other public places, and during the evening or night time- in residential quarters, corporations, institutions or organizations, if that disturb public quiet-

Brings to the citizens or officers the warning or penalty up to 300 litas.

Dear Visitors,

Please respect each others comfort and be tolerant and understanding to each other.

Visitors, who will be cautioned twice for the violation of public or camping rules, will be checked out the camping without refund of money.

Have a nice vacation!