Adult1 day5 EUR
Child from 5 to 12 years1 day3 EUR
Children up to 5 yearsFree
1 - 4 person tent1 day5 EUR
5 - 10 person tent1 day7 EUR
DurationSeasonal (06.01 - 08.31)Off-season
Standard car1 day5 EUR3 EUR
Mini bus1 day7 EUR5 EUR
Autobus1 day50 EUR30 EUR
Motorcycle1 day3 EUR3 EUR
DurationSeasonal (06.01 - 08.31)Off-season
Camper car with connection1 day16 EUR12 EUR
Camper car without connection1 day12 EUR10 EUR
Caravan with connection1 day23 EUR18 EUR
Caravan without connection1 day18 EUR14 EUR
(06.01 - 08.31)(09.01-09.30)
Bungalow (4-person, WC, kitchen, fridge)1 day65 EUR60 EUR50 EUR
Bungalow (WC, kitchen, fridge) (2 adults + 1(2) children)1 day60 EUR55 EUR40 EUR
Bungalow (4-person, WC, kitchen, fridge) (staying only 1-2 persons)1 day60 EUR55 EUR40 EUR
Additional place in bungalow (adult)1 day10 EUR10 EUR10 EUR
Additional place in bungalow (child up to 12 years)1 day5 EUR5 EUR5 EUR

Staying for 7 days or more we include 10% discount!

Sports court rental1 hour10 EUR
Sauna2 hours30 EUR
Additional hours10 EUR
Territory rent for eventsAdult4 EUR
Child 5-12y3 EUR
Pet fee1 day1 EUR
Laundry and drying (1+1)1 time6 EUR
Groups  (bigger than 16 people), international camping assosiatons and loyal customers can get discounts up to 15%