For our guests we offer the highest quality services, for a reasonable price! Every detail on site was well thought-out to give the best experience for the visitor and to give the topmost convenience for everyday activities. During your stay you’ll feel right at home, and you won’t have to spend a cent more than what you paid for!
Adult1 day5 EUR
Child from 5 to 12 years1 day3 EUR
Children up to 5 yearsFree
1 - 4 person tent1 day5 EUR
5 - 10 person tent1 day7 EUR
DurationSeasonal (06.01 - 08.31)Off-season
Standard car1 day5 EUR3 EUR
Mini bus1 day7 EUR5 EUR
Autobus1 day50 EUR30 EUR
Motorcycle1 day3 EUR3 EUR
DurationSeasonal (06.01 - 08.31)Off-season
Camper car with connection1 day16 EUR12 EUR
Camper car without connection1 day12 EUR10 EUR
Caravan with connection1 day23 EUR18 EUR
Caravan without connection1 day18 EUR14 EUR
(06.01 - 08.31)(09.01-09.30)
Bungalow (4-person, WC, kitchen, fridge)1 day65 EUR60 EUR50 EUR
Bungalow (WC, kitchen, fridge) (2 adults + 1(2) children)1 day60 EUR55 EUR40 EUR
Bungalow (4-person, WC, kitchen, fridge) (staying only 1-2 persons)1 day60 EUR55 EUR40 EUR
Additional place in bungalow (adult)1 day10 EUR10 EUR10 EUR
Additional place in bungalow (child up to 12 years)1 day5 EUR5 EUR5 EUR

Staying for 7 days or more we include 10% discount!

Sports court rental1 hour10 EUR
Sauna2 hours30 EUR
Additional hours10 EUR
Territory rent for eventsAdult4 EUR
Child 5-12y3 EUR
Pet fee1 day1 EUR
Laundry and drying (1+1)1 time6 EUR
Groups  (bigger than 16 people), international camping assosiatons and loyal customers can get discounts up to 15%