Seaside Camp’s environment:

The Seaside Camp is located near the regional Seaside Park, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It’s 11km away from the center of the city (by car) and 8 (by bike). The beach is just 600 meters away from the camp’s territory.


Twelve guesthouses are available for rent in the camp. The houses contain two bedrooms, a kitchen (hob, fridge, kitchen accessories), a bathroom (shower with hot water, WC). A parking lot is also available next to every house.

Locations for tents/camping vans rental:

The site contains asphalted parking lots for camping vans. These lots contain connectable water, electricity and waste utilities. Visitors residing in tents are able to choose whether to stay under the sun or in a shadow, and use electricity if they want to.


During the colder time of the year you will have the choice to relax and warm up in the saunas, and have a good time with your friends in the capacious hall. During the warm part of the year children can enjoy the playgrounds, and the adults can ease off at the campfire or compete in the basketball/tennis court.